What does an Insurance Broker do?

It is believed that the word "Broker" originates from the middle upper English word "Brocher." A Brocher was a person who sat on British docks, such as Plymouth, awaiting the boats bringing in sherry and port. When the wines were unloaded, the Brocher tasted such wines and then advised prospective buyers on the quality of the goods and what price they should pay.

This principle, broadly speaking, holds good even in this day and age in the case of an Insurance Broker.

What we can do for you

There is a common belief that as Insurance Brokers, we sell insurance in the market, which is not entirely correct. What we do is to buy insurance, on behalf of our clients, from one or more Insurers, identifying the insurance covers best suited to their needs at the most economical prices.
         As Insurance Brokers, we aspire to make insurance easy to understand. We have readily available for our clients, the full range of insurance covers offered by all the Insurers operating in the market here and are, therefore, in a position to design the most advantageous insurance program to meet a client's particular needs, unlike an Insurance company which has only their own standard range of products to offer.

Negotiating claims and terms

The volume of premium that we handle gives us that much more 'clout' in the market, when it comes to negotiating claims on behalf of our clients.
      As independent professional intermediaries, we are in a position to view claims objectively and assist our clients in effecting speedy recoveries.

Risk Management

As part of the services provided by us, we identify and evaluate risk areas, and provide advice on risk management techniques.
        Apart from Insurers in Sri Lanka, we have entree to risk carriers in various parts of the world, which is useful in ensuring that our clients receive the best deal.


Our services, as Insurance Brokers, are available to you entirely free of charge and will not involve either a surcharge on your premium or the payment by you of any fee to us, as the latter will be met by the Insurer concerned.

We make it easy

Not only will we design a cost effective and comprehensive insurance program but will also take over the major part of your insurance administrative burden thus, providing relief in terms of cost, time and responsibility and leaving you merely as the decision maker on the various recommendations made by us from time to time.

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